Locked in Lit

Stories from an English Teacher in Juvenile Detention

"You are not your worst moment."

Sharing unheard stories of the invisible children in our society: the kids behind bars. They exist, and their lives are a testament to the conversations we aren't having in this country, their narratives deemed unworthy of our collective attention. It's time to change that.


Welcome to my blog. It is my hope that these stories, quotes and anecdotes will soften the hearts of those who read it. We live in a country where we have the opportunity to be who we want to be, but it is now my understanding – thanks to the hundreds of incredible young people I have had the privilege of teaching – that those opportunities are far out of reach for our country’s children whose brokenness was thrust upon them by circumstance.

I am humbled daily by their vulnerability. I am honored to educated them. I am blessed that as I make their world bigger, they do the same for mine.

These are their stories, I hope I can give them the justice and mercy they deserve in sharing them.

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