“Miss, I finished my book!”

“Great! Let’s get you a new one.”

“No, Miss, I finished my book.”

“Yes, I heard you! Let’s go find a new one”

“Miss, I’ve never finished a book.”

“OH! That’s awesome!! That’s really wonderful! You should be so proud of yourself! Let’s keep it going!”

He would later inform me that he hadn’t been to school consistently since 5th grade. He was 17. For all of his effort, positivity, and participation, I wouldn’t have guessed it if he hadn’t told me.

That student was with us for 4 months. He read and finished 14 books in his time here. He served as my Resident Librarian, helping his peers choose books and helping me select books to order. He went from pointing to words like “thorough” and asking me what they meant, to pointing to “Machiavellian” in his book and reminding me that Claudius from Hamlet was Machiavellian because he would do anything to get power.


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