A Year in Limbo

We have a student right now who has been with us for 15 months. For 15 months he has lived in absolute limbo. Not knowing if he will be locked up for 4 years or 40. Numbers and names being constantly thrown around by Judges, lawyers, and the likes. I guess we’re getting a little … More A Year in Limbo

The [limited] Best.

Homelessness, abuse, neglect, hunger, poverty, violence, gangs, abandonment, assault, prostitution, drug addiction – it goes on. These tragedies are normalized aspects of my students’ lives. These overwhelmingly large barriers to health, success, and development have cast shadows over their light for most of their existence. They can’t see beyond them. Until they come to us. … More The [limited] Best.

Am I blind?

One stanza of a student’s poem reads: I’m hopeless in my mind Every day I wish I could just push rewind I don’t see myself with a future – am I blind? For the first time, for many of my students, they have consistent, positive, healthy role models and mentors in their life in the … More Am I blind?


“Miss, I finished my book!” “Great! Let’s get you a new one.” “No, Miss, I finished my book.” “Yes, I heard you! Let’s go find a new one” “Miss, I’ve never finished a book.” “OH! That’s awesome!! That’s really wonderful! You should be so proud of yourself! Let’s keep it going!” He would later inform me that … More Finished.